“Crushed” crispy eggs (Telur Geprek), without the crushing.. :)

This dish is viral on the internet and I assume also in Indonesia. So, since I can’t find something like this here in Stuttgart, I tried to make it. The concept of this is very similar to “Ayam geprek”, deep fried chicken that you crush on the “Ulekan” with chili mix. It is so delicious when you eat it with rice. I had once when I was back in Indonesia.

Now that there is a version with egg, I give it a try. it is so crispy and just taste Indonesian…:) The only thing I don’t do is the “crushing” the chili on the fried egg, because I don’t have the tool for it. You still have a very tasty deep fried egg with the chili mix and steamed white rice._DSC1516.JPG

Total time: 30 minutes
Serving: 4


2                      eggs

250 gr              All purpose flour

50 gr               corn starch

1 tsp                salt

500 ml             vegetable oil

1 cup               water

Chili mix

4 j                    Chilies (according to your taste)

1 clove             garlic



  • Using fork, beat the eggs in a bowl.
  • Preheat a pan on medium-high with vegetable oil. Once it’s heated, pour in the eggs.


  • The eggs need to be cooked both side. Once it’s cooked, cut into 4 parts, or 6 parts if you like. Let it cool for a few minutes._DSC1506.JPG
  • Mix flour, corn starch, and salt together. Once it’s mixed, divide it into 2.
  • Mix water and half portion of the flour mix until it becomes slightly slimy but not too watery._DSC1509.JPG
  • Preheat vegetable oil in a deeper pan/wok on medium-high.
  • Cover the egg first with the liquid flour mix, then the dry flour mix, and back again to the liquid mix. Deep fry into the hot oil._DSC1512.JPG
  • You might want to turn it around until both side looks golden brown._DSC1513.JPG
  • Crush the chilies and garlic together, add a little bit of salt. Pour in a few spoon of hot oil. Because I dont have “Ulekan” I used spoon._DSC1508.JPG
  • The crushed crispy eggs without the crushing are ready… 🙂_DSC1516.JPG

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