Sambal Matah

There is no literal translation for this recipe. It’s typical Balinese chili that use all raw ingredients. The original version use lime juice and lime leaves, but since I don’t have it at home, I try to be creative and use what I can find in my kitchen. It still tastes very good with a strong lemon grass taste and lemon juice. The amount of chilies is varied depending on how spicy you want to be. In this recipe the level is mild. This chili side dish can be paired with fried chicken, pork, fish, or simply anything that you can think of. I made this to be paired with my Chinese version of crispy pork. A little taste of Indonesian and a little taste of Chinese… 🙂_DSC1662.JPG

Total time: 15 minutes

Serving: 4


3                      shallots, sliced

1                       garlic, chopped

1                      tomato, sliced in small dice

3                      small chilies (according to taste)

1                      big chili (this is less spicy)

1                     lemon grass, chopped

5                      thai basil (optional), chopped

2 tbsp              lime/lemon juice




  • Cut and slice all ingredients above.
    • Squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle a pinch of salt._DSC1657.JPG

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