Simple Stir-fried Cucumber-Egg

This dish is reminisced by my childhood memory. My mom used to cook this when I was little, because it’s super easy, healthy, and ready in no time.DSC02042.jpg

Total time: 15 minutes

Serve: 2


1                      Cucumber, peal the skin, cut in half, chop

1                      Egg, beat

2 cloves          Garlic, chopped

1 tsp                Salt

1 tsp                Sugar

1 tsp                Shaoxing wine

½ cup               Water

a pinch of pepper

Vegetable oil

Garnish with sesame seed (optional)



  • Pre-heat a wok/cooking pan on medium-high with vegetable oil.
  • Scramble the beaten egg until half-cooked, add in chopped garlic.DSC02037.JPGDSC02038.JPG
  • Once it’s fragrant, add in the cut cucumber, stir for a minute, add water.
  • Season with salt, sugar, and shaoxing wine.DSC02041.JPG
  • Cover the for about 1-2 minutes until it’s cooked. garnish with sesame seed, ready to serve.DSC02043.jpg

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