Chicken Lemon

Refreshing Chicken Lemon dish, perfect for spring time. It’s sour, sweet, crunchy, and satisfying. Enjoy cooking and hope you like it… 🙂DSC02032.JPG

Total Time: 1 hour

Serving: 4


800 g               chicken breast (about 4 pieces), cut into 1-2 cm cube

1 ½ cup           flour

250 ml             vegetable oil for deep frying


To marinate

4 tbsp              light soy sauce

2 tbsp              shaoxing wine

1                      egg white


Lemon sauce

2                      garlic, chopped

2 cm                ginger, grated

2 tbsp              light soy sauce

¼ cup              brown sugar

2                      lemon, squeezed (I could recommend roll the lemon before, it makes squeezing easier)

1                      lemon zest (not too much, because it will be bitter)

2 tsp                chicken powder

1 cup               water

3 tsp                cornstarch, dissolved in 3 tsp water



Sesame seeds

Chopped spring onion



  • Marinate the chicken for about 10-15 minutes.DSC01997.JPG
  • Pre-heat a wok/deep cooking pan with vegetable oil on medium-high.
  • Add in the flour into the marinated chicken, massage and mix them well. It will be a little slumpy but that’s the texture you want to get the crispy chicken.DSC02006.JPGDSC02007.JPGDSC02008.JPG
  • Once the oil is heated, deep fry the chicken into 2-3 parts, depending on how big your pan is. Set aside on the kitchen paper.DSC02013.JPGDSC02015.JPG
  • On a clean wok/cooking pan, heat up a few spoons of vegetable oil on medium-high.
  • Add in the garlic and ginger, stir until it’s fragrant.DSC02016.JPG
  • Pour in other ingredients for the lemon sauce, turn down the heat to medium, mix then well and try it out, you can adjust the taste according to your preference.DSC02017.JPGDSC02020.JPG
  • Once you are happy with the taste, add in the chicken. Mix them well until all the chicken is covered with the lemon sauce.DSC02021.JPG
  • Garnish with sesame seeds and chopped spring onion, ready to serve.DSC02029.jpg

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