Vietnamese glass noodle salad

As you know, I have been taking intensive german course for the last 3 weeks and I try to bring my own lunch box that is easy and no need to warm up, because there is no microwave at the place where I study. This is the perfect healthy lunch, can be served cold, and easy to make. The key to this salad is the sauce, so I actually prepared for about 4 servings the salad and 2 servings for the sauce, so that I can make fresh sauce the next day when I am ready to eat. So feel free to adjust.. 🙂 Enjoy and happy spring!


Total Time: 30 minutes

Serving: 2-4

What I put in the salad    (Serving: 4)

250 g          Vermicelli – soak in hot boiling water for about 3-4 minutes (please check the instruction on the package), then wash it in a running cold water

1                  Carrot – shredded big, or sliced small

1                  Cucumber – shredded big, or use a peeler

2                  Chilies – sliced


150 g            Shrimps – boiled

80 g              Bean Sprouts – cook for about a minute in a boiling water

Fresh Mint




The Sauce     (Serving: 2)

1 cup               hot water

¼ cup              fish sauce

¼ cup              lime juice (about 3-4 limes, depends on the size)

¼ cup              sugar

1                      garlic, chopped (optional)

2                      chilies (as you like)

chopped coriander (optional)


  • Dissolve sugar in hot water, then add other ingredients in.
  • I would recommend to “massage” the lime before cutting to help releasing the juice even more.DSC02080.JPGDSC02085.JPG


Vietnamese glass noodle salad is ready!DSC02089.JPG

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