Ayam Suwir (Indonesian Shredded Spicy Chicken)

Another dish that can be eaten warm or cold, is Indonesian shredded spicy chicken. Every weekend I try to make big quantity dishes so that I can have them for a few days, especially now that I don’t have much time to cook during the day. I paired this dish with my Tempe Orek (Indonesian crisp sweet&sour Tempe), and it felt just like home. Because I made it in such a big quantity, feel free to adjust according to your servings. Hope you like this recipe and happy cooking!DSC02174.JPG

Total time: 1-1.5 hour

Serving: 4-8


1.6 kg              chicken breast (about 8 chicken breasts)


To fry and blend

6                      big chilies

3                      small chilies

4                      shallot

3                      garlic

4                      tomato


4                      lemon grass, crush the bottom part to release the aroma

6                      lime leaves

2 cm                galangal, crushed

100 gr             coconut milk, or 3 tbsp coconut powder+1 cup of water

2 tsp                salt

3 tbsp              sugar

1/3 cup water

vegetable oil




  • In a deep pot, boil chicken breast for about 15-20 minutes or until it’s cooked. place the chicken breast on a plate to cool down. You can use the left over water for soup if you want to. Shred chicken breast once it’s cooled down, using hand or fork.DSC02136.JPGDSC02156.JPG
  • Prepare the ingredients to fry and blend. I like to take out the chilies’ seeds so it’s not too spicy and I can use more chilies to give the nice red color. But if you can take extra hot, feel free to skip this step.


  • In a wok/cooking pan, heat up about 1 cup of vegetable oil on medium-high. Fry the chilies, shallots, and garlics for about 5 minutes until it’s half-cooked. Take it out and blend. Leave some small chunks if you like.DSC02157.JPGDSC02159.JPG
  • In a wok/cooking pan, heat up a few spoons of vegetable oil on medium-high. Stir the blended ingredients, lemon grass, lime leaves, and galangal for 2-3 minutes until it’s fragrant.DSC02162.JPGDSC02164.JPG
  • Throw in the shredded chicken, mix until it’s all covered with the sauce.DSC02165.JPGDSC02168.JPG
  • Add in coconut milk, salt and sugar. Stir another 5 minutes on medium until the coconut milk is absorbed. Ready to serve.DSC02169.JPGDSC02173.JPG

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