Sweet & Sour Chinese Eggplants (鱼香茄子 – yú xiāng qîe zi)

When I was younger and lived in Indonesia, eggplant wasn’t my favorite vegetable. I thought it was bitter and it has a funny taste. But after living in China, and now Germany, I learned how to cook eggplant, and realize the key for having a tasty eggplant dish is the sauce. I think it is important to have a good ratio of the mixed sauce, so if you only want to cook less amount of eggplant, you can reduce the ratio of the sauce. For vegetarian, you can skip the meat and straight to the eggplants! Hope you like it! =)

Serve: 4

Total Time: 40 minutes


4-5 Chinese eggplants. Normal eggplants work too. Cut into long chunks, about 2-3 cm.

200-300 g        Minced meat. Pork would be the original, but you can also use beef or chicken, or mixed.

6                      Garlic, minced

1-2 cm             Ginger, minced

4-5                   Chinese dried chilies, chopped

2                      Spring Onion, chopped

Enough vegetable oil to deep fry

Sauce Mix

3 tbsp              Light Soy Sauce

3 tbsp              Sugar

1 ½ tbsp          Chinkiang Vinegar (Chinese black vinegar)

1 ½ tbsp          Shaoxing Wine

1 tsp                Sesame Oil

1 tsp. Tapioca flour/Corn starch


  • Heat up about half a little of vegetable oil in a wok/pan in medium-high. Deep fry all eggplant chunks for about 4-5 minutes until it’s slightly soften and brown.
  • While waiting, prepare the mixed sauce.
  • Take out the eggplants and place them on top of kitchen paper, so the oil will be absorb.
  • Put some of vegetable oil aside (be careful it’s hot) and leave about 4-5 spoons.
  • Through in minced meat, stir until it’s cooked. Throw in minced garlic, ginger, spring onion, and chilies.

  • Add in the mixed sauce, stir. Throw in the eggplants.

  • Stir for about 3-4 minutes. Ready to serve.

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