Home-made Shrimp Paste Chili Sauce (Sambal Goreng Terasi)

It s my GO-TO chili sauce whenever I need some extra heat in my food with a taste of ‘Indonesian’. It can last up to 2 weeks if it is well-cooked and store in a well-sealed container. The first fry of the chili doesn’t have to be completely cooked, because it will be mixed in a blender. BUT, the second fry-time is the most important. Uncooked or half-cooked chili sauce won’t last very long, only about 3-4 days. So make sure to keep watching the bubbly chili sauce appearing… =)


6                      Shallots, peeled and cut into 2 parts

4                      Garlics, peeled

15-20               Small chilies, or you can use big chilies (about 6-8, depends on taste)

2                      Tomatoes, cut into 4

1 tsp                Shrimp Paste

½ tsp               Salt

1 tsp                Sugar

2 cups              Vegetable oil


  • Heat up oil in a wok/pan in medium-high.
  • Throw in shallots, garlics, chilies, and tomatoes. If it doesn’t fit into one pan, you can split it into two.
  • Fry them for about 5-10 minutes until its soften.

Take them out from the pan, mix them in a blender until half smooth. (I like it when it’s not too smooth and leave a bit of chunks)

  • Use the left over oil, throw the mixed chili sauce back in a pan in a low heat.
  • Season with shrimp paste, salt, sugar. Stir them until it’s bubbly for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and ready to serve with fried chicken, rice, or any other dishes that need some extra heat.. 🙂

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