Indonesian Spicy Garlic Noodle (Seblak)

Made from Indonesian wet crackers and very famous street food dish in Java island. You can choose any kind of crackers you want such as prawn crackers or garlic crackers, and is normally easy to be found in Asian supermarket. For this recipe I use garlic crackers. The ingredients to blend are quite basic, but the key to have really nice and crunchy taste is sugar. Without sugar the taste of the soup is just plainly salty. So, remember to add some sugar! I hope you enjoy cooking this simple and delicious noodle.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 2


100 g               Garlic Crackers (Kerupuk)

100 g               Sausage (you can also use meat balls), sliced

2                      Eggs, beaten

100 g               Vegetables, I use Chinese cabbage but you can use any vegies available at home

1 tsp                Salt

1 tsp                Sugar

1 tsp                Chicken powder

600-700 ml      Water

To blend

3                      Shallots

4                      Garlics

2                      Candle nuts

4                      Big chilies

2                      Small chilies

¼ cup               Vegetable oil

(you can adjust the chilies according to your taste)


Spring onion


  • Soak the crackers in boiled water for about 20 minutes until it’s soft. You can also soak the crackers overnight in cold water.
  • Blend all the spices ingredients until smooth and looks like paste.
  • Pre-heat a pan or wok on medium-high. Throw in the blended paste. You don’t need to add extra vegetable oil, since there is already oil in the paste. Stir for a few seconds until its fragrant.
  • Throw in the sausage/meatballs. Mix them well.
  • Add in water and soften crackers, stir them until it’s boiling.
  • Slowly add in the beaten eggs in a circular way to give a nicer texture in the soup. Lastly, add in the chopped Chinese cabbage.
  • Cook for another minute or two until its boiling and cooked. Ready to serve. Sprinkle with spring onions.

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