Fried Shrimp Cake (Hekeng)

Using the available ingredients to make the local food that I can’t find it in Germany. Yup, that’s how life is living abroad and when I am missing my hometown food. I will do anything I can do to make it as close to the original taste as possible. So, this is my version of shrimp cake, or people from Borneo/Kalimantan call it “Hekeng”. We normally eat it as snacks or appetizer. You can freeze the steamed Hekeng if you have left-over and it can last up to one month. Deep fry them when you want to eat them. You can also store the Lemon sauce in a jar and keep them in a fridge for a few weeks. Happy cooking and hope you enjoy it… 🙂

Total time: 40 minutes

Servings: 6


550 g               Shrimp

200 g               Pork fat (optional)

½ tbsp             Sichuan pepper, grinded

1 tbsp              All-purpose flour

6 pcs Garlic

1 tsp                Salt

½ tsp               White pepper

1 pcs                Big chili, chopped very small

1 pcs                Spring onion, chopped very small

1                      Egg

1 pack              Tofu skin

Oil for deep frying

Lemon sauce

2 pcs                Large Lemon (if you have small limes, it has more citrus taste, but if you don’t have them, use lemon will do just as good)

1 cup              Sugar


  • Blend shrimp and pork fat in a blender until smooth like a paste. Place it on a bowl.
  • Add in the rest of ingredients: flour, egg, salt, pepper, Sichuan pepper, spring onion. Use hand, mix them well.
  • Place the tofu skin. Cut the corner that has double layers, this is to prevent breaking the Cake from folding.
  • Put about 2 tbsp the mixed paste on tofu skin, fold like you are folding laundry… 🙂 if the end of the skin is not sticking by end of the folding, you can use egg as the “glue”. For me, I like it the way it is even it looks messy, but the crispiness of the tofu skin after frying is just so satisfying… 🙂
  • Steam the shrimp cake for about 15 minutes.
  • You can eat it just like that, but if you like deep fry like I do, prepare a wok with vegetable oil.
  • Deep fry until it’s golden brown.
  • For the sauce: boil lemon and sugar on medium heat. Keep stirring for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat. Ready to serve with Hekeng.

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