15 minutes Thai-style Pork & Omelet

This is a quick and delicious recipe that I did when there are not many ingredients in the fridge. Buy hey, it worked and I would love to make this more often… 🙂 I love the smell and the taste of basil, but not very often I can find fresh Thai basil. Luckily I can still find frozen one in Germany. It can work also with the fresh Italian basil if that’s what you have at home. so, Enjoy cooking. 🙂

Total time: 15 minutes

Servings: 1-2


400 g               Pork minced

1 tbsp              Chopped garlic

2 tbsp              Fish sauce

1 tbsp              Sweet soy sauce

1 pcs                Chili chop (optional)

1 handful         Basil (I use frozen one here)

3 pcs.               Eggs


Vegetable oil


Fresh Basil leaves


  • Pre-heat a non-sticky flat pan with 2 tbsp vegetable oil on medium.
  • Beat the eggs with a little bit of salt. Place them onto the heated pan. Flip them once the egg is firm enough to prevent the breakage. Once it’s cooked, set aside.
  • Using the same pan, add 2 tbsp oil. Add in the minced pork. Sauté until it’s cooked.
  • Add the chopped garlic, chilies, and frozen basil. Mix together with the pork.
  • Season with fish sauce and sweet soy sauce. Cook for another minute or two until all the sauce has incorporated with the meat.
  • Ready to serve together with the omelet anf rice. Garnish with basil.

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