Tapioca Cheese Cookies (Kue Kering Keju)

I made these cookies quite long time ago, one of my first post on this blog. So this time, I remake it for the purpose of the video on my YouTube channel, and of course because I miss these cookies. 🙂 The ingredients haven’t changed much, except that this time I use only margarine instead of a mix or butter and margarine. Both worked well! Here is the link to my previous blog if you want to have a written recipe. Enjoy baking!

Total Time: 1 1/2 Hour

Servings: 50-60 cookies


350 gr              Tapioca flour

2                      Pandan leaf

100 gr              Margarine (room temperature)

100 gr              Butter (room temperature)

100 gr              Cheedar/Edame cheese (shredded)

130 gr              Powdered sugar

2                       eggs

50 ml               milk


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